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 1st  -   60 mi MBV~GRR~GMR north~East Fork~SR39~Sierra Madre ave~GMR~GRR~MBV
  3rd -   77 mi Clmnt~Redlands~Clmnt
  9th - 106 mi John H - Birthday ride Newport to San Diego
11th -   25 mi First MWF of season
13th -   25 mi MWF
15th -   25 mi MWF
16th -   71 mi San Antonio Heights~Whittier Narrows~return
18th -   25 mi MWF
20th -   25 mi MWF
22nd -  33 mi MWF & SDSR TT
23rd -   60 mi MBV~GRR/GMR~Bonelli for SDSR road race~~return MBV
25th -   25 mi MWF
27th -   25 mi MWF
29th -   25 mi MWF
Mar    607
Feb    557
Jan    338
YTD  1502

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 10) Friday MWF & SDSR TT
33 mi w/Mike and Ron
Headed out early (for the MWF) at 11:00a to ride to the finish line of the SDSR TT.
Got there just in time to see the Pro Women I,II,III complete their Time Trial up GMR.
Some exciting finishes. It was a beautiful, clear day today.
Saw a small gopher snake on the way back to Baldy Village.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 9) Wednesday 03/20/13
25 mi MWF w/Edge
A carbon copy of Monday .. Cool, grey skies in Paradise ..
Good climbing weather.
Saw Matt at the Monroe saddle.
He had just been talking to Melanie Spath, The reigning Irish National Road Race Champion.
She is racing in the upcoming San Dimas Stage Race this weekend 22nd~24th for Team Tibco.
Go Melanie!! Hammer them!!

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 8) Monday 03/18/13
25 mi MWF w/Edge
A gray day in Paradise
Easy spin, cool, humid air.
Saw a couple of California quail.
Only one car on the road this evening.
But it was on the wrong side of the road, only left us about 40 inches.
I don't think the driver saw us till he was right on us, it was close.

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MWF collage
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 5) Wednesday 03/13/13
25 mi w/Edge and Ron
A great evening in Paradise.
Ron rode up GMR and met us about 6 mi from the fork.
Saw Matt at the Monroe turnaround.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 12) Monday 03/25/12 MWF
25 mi w/Edge
A beautiful evening in Paradise
Wow, good views tonight, check the album.
Cool evening, easy spin.
Saw Matt, and Ron, and met Eric, and Wolfgang at Monroe Saddle.
Saw a small Buzztail, a full moon, and a great sunset on the way back to MBV.

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Riders at Monroe saddle
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(Anon): 4) Monday 03/11/13
25 mi w/Ron & Edge
First Monday, Wednesday, Friday ride of the Season, Where were you?
A Beautiful Cool evening in Paradise.
We started at 5:00 to assure of getting back before dark.
Saw a Doe on the way back.

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03/11/13 MWF
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A Ghostly Sun 16: 3) Saturday 03/09/13
106 mi w/John, Jeff, and B
John's Birthday Ride to San Diego
Rode from Newport Beach along PCH to San Diego.
In San Diego I took The Amtrak Surfliner.
B got on in Solana Beach and we took it back to Anaheim.
Then rode back to Newport Beach.
An Absoulty Awesome Day.
Good Friends, Good ride.

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  P.S. Monday is the start of the Monday, Wednesday, Friday training rides.
  Be there, it will be a good season


A Ghostly Sub 16: 2) Sunday 03/03/13
77 mi w/Garry, and B
Rode from Claremont out to Redlands on Baseline.
Where we met B, he was riding back to Claremont from Cabazon.
Rode a varied route from Redlands through San Bernardino, Colton
before we got back up to Baseline and the Pacific Electric Bike trail.
Nice day, good ride.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 6) Friday 03/15/13
25 mi MWF w/Garry
Well the first week of the MWF rides through Paradise was Great!
Tonight was a easy spin, cool not as hot as Wed. but a better sunset.
1 or 2 cars on road and only 1 other bike rider.
Don't miss these rides this season.
For the first month, we start at 5:00p instead of 5:30p to assure return before dark.

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Friday MWF
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 1) Friday 03/01/13 60 mi and 6000 ft
60 mi w/Jess, John, Ron, and B
Rode from Mt Baldy Village out GRR to the GMR fork.
Went down the north side of GMR to East Fork, Camp Williams, to SR39.
Took 39 down to Sierra Madre Ave saw B here, he rode with us to GMR.
Rode back to the Mt Baldy Village on GMR, and GRR.
What a great day! Beautiful and clear!
Good friends, Good ride.

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60 mi 6000' collage
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 11) Saturday 03/23/13
60 mi Beautiful, clear perfect day.
Rode GRR from Baldy Village to maint shack w/Jess.
Saw John, and friends there, they all rode GRR back to Mt Baldy Village.
I continued down GMR to Glendora and to Bonelli for the SDSR Road Race.
Saw the Pro-Women I, II, III road race bell lap and finish.
Ate lunch at El Merendero, Yum!
Rode back to Baldy Village via GMR/GRR.

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La Bicicletta Che Vince
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 7) Saturday 03/16/13
71 mi w Ron and Garry
Rode from San Antonio Heights down to and out Baseline/Foothill/Sierra Madre Ave. to the SGRT.
SGRT to Santa Fe dam, Live Oak to RHBT down to Whittier Narrows across to SGRT.
Up SGRT to Sierra Madre, lunch at Pepe's Tacos and then back to San Antonio Heights.
Great day! Fun Ride!

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 13) Wednesday 03/27/13
25 mi MWF w/Garry, and Ron
A cool, clear evening in Paradise.
Started off at 52 degrees and ended at 45.
Good climbing weather.

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Baldy Ridge Riders
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 14) Friday 03/29/13
25 mi w/Edge
A Slow quiet spin through Paradise.
62 ~ 55 degrees this evening, 10 degrees warmer than Wednesday.

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