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A Ghostly Sub 16: 5) Tuesday 06/11/2013
63 mi w/Ron
Rode the SART from the Big A in Anaheim to Green River.
Reversed route and rode down to Newport Beach.
Had some yummie Cronic Tacos in Newport.
Then rode back to the Big A.
Nice day, great ride.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 9) Wednesday 06/19/13
25 mi w/Edge
Fast spin perfect evening
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 4) Monday 06/10/13
25 mi w/Edge
Another fine 70 degree evening in Paradise.
Quiet road 1 or 2 cars.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 1) Monday 06/03/13
25 mi w/Edge
A pleasant high 60's spin through Paradise.
A few others on the road this evening.
The Yucca and flowers are starting to bloom.
The cool weather makes for good climbing.

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a MWF collage
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RayClone: 6) Wednesday 06/12/13
25 mi w/Edge
What the, What the?
Where has everyone gone?
No B, no Ron, no Garry, no John, ... no Alan, no Annette, no Matt, Arghhh!
I guess I'm just offensive, or boring, but come on,
 this is Paradise, it has a draw of its own....
If it weren't for Steady Eddie...
Another perfect evening, you snooze, you loose
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 10) Friday 06/21/13
25 mi w/Edge
The solstice was yesterday evening at 10:04 pm pacific time.
Today the 21st is the first day of summer!
A lazy, hazy day of summer, in a perfect Paradise.
A cause for celebration....

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 3) Friday 06/07/13
25 mi w/Edge, Garry
A easy spin through Paradise.
85 degrees at the start, and 75 when we finished.
Saw flowers, lizards, snakes, birds, deer....
But, only took pictures of Pirates.
Don't forget that it is getting close to Death Ride time...
75 mi and 8000 feet of torture in Paradise.

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Avast there be Pirates
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 13) Friday 06/28/13
25 mi w/Edge, Rick
A quite nice evening in Paradise.
90 degrees at 5:30 start and about 79-80 when we returned, very pleasant.
Few cars on the road, saw a couple of deer.
At the turnaround saw a Red Velvet ant... Mutillidae...
A large furry ant looking creature, that is really a wasp without wings.. interesting.

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Mt B
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 2) Wednesday 06/05/13
25 mi w/Edge
Another perfect low 70 degree evening in Paradise.
Had to slow on the decent of the Reward Climb for a Doe and fawn on the road.
They scrambled away before I could get a picture.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 11) Monday 06/24/13
25 mi w/Edge
A cool evening in Paradise.
60 degree start to 54 degree finish.
Saw Matt at the Monroe turnaround, and met Heather and Joan.
It was nice meeting and seeing everyone at the turnaround.

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Group at Monroe turnaround
RayClone, Edge, Heather, Matt, Joan @ Monroe turnaround
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a Ghostly Sub 16: 12) Wednesday 06/26/13
25 mi w/Garry, and Edge
Warm this evening, low 80's.
Quite a change from Mondays 50's.
Saw a San Bernardino ringneck snake

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 8) Monday 06/17/13
25 mi MWF
A quiet evening in Paradise
The flowers are in bloom
A beautiful sight

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 7) Friday 06/14/13
25 mi w/Edge
Fast spin
Nice evening

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