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 1st  -  25 mi MWF
  3rd -  25 mi MWF
  4th - 100 mi Encanto park ~ Newport Beach ~ return
  6th -  25 mi MWF
  8th -  25 mi MWF
 10th - 25 mi MWF
 11th - 40 mi Little T CCW w/NBC
 13th - 25 mi MWF
 15th - 25 mi MWF
 17th - 25 mi MWF
 18th - 56 mi w/NBC Newhall~Acton~Newhall
 20th - 25 mi MWF
 22nd -25 mi MWF
 23rd -80 mi El Encanto ~ Long Beach ~ El Encanto
 24th - 25 mi MWF
 25th - 36 mi w/NBC Newhall~ Templin Hwy ~ Newhall
 27th - 25 mi MWF
 29th - 25 mi MWF
 31st - 25 mi MWF
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 4) Monday 08/06/12
25 mi w/Edge & Ron
A beautiful evening in Paradise about 80 degrees,
perfect temperature, perfect conditions...
What did you expect? ... This is Paradise :)

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 7) Saturday 08/11/12
40 mi w/Newhall Bicycle Co (16 riders)
Rode the Little T loop CCW.
Rode from the shop out to Sierra Hwy and over the Newhall pass.
Then Foothill Blvd to Paxton and up Lopez and Kagel cyns back to Foothill.
A quick stop at the 7 Eleven, then up Little Tujunga Cyn to Bear divide.
Down the other side of Little T/Sand Cyn to Placerita Cyn and back to the shop.
It was hot today, the last climb up the Bear divide was a real scorcher.
Good friends, good ride.

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Our fearless leader, Roger!
Our fearless leader, Roger!

A Ghostly Sub 16: 1) Wednesday 08/01/12
25 mi MWF w /John H, Mike H, Edge, Ron
Another great evening in Paradise.
The days are getting shorter, don't miss these classic summer evening rides.
It is easily 10 degrees cooler than the I.E. up here.
Great climbing weather, good friends, and camaraderie.
Saw Matt and Ron at Monroe saddle, Ron rode back to Baldy with us.
Saw a couple of deer on the way back.
One was running on the road in front of us for 40+ yards.
Put together a album of Glendora Ridge Road Riders.
GRRR, check it out.

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Matt, John, Mike, Rayclone, Ron, and Edge @ maintenance shed turnaround

A Ghostly Sub 16: 2) Friday 08/03/12
25 mi MWF w/Jess, and Edge.
Jess is back from a summer in New Jersey.
Quiet evening in Paradise, medium spin.
Not hot, good climbing weather.

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08/03/12 Collage
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 18) Wednesday 08/29/12
25 mi w/Jess, John, Ron, Alan, Mike, Gary, and Edge.
Eight pirates out cruising Paradise this beautiful evening.
We saw Wiley Coyote at the turnaround, it would be 9 pirates if we counted him.
I didn't get a good picture.
Medium to fast spin, good climbing temperature.
Good ride, good friends.

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8 Pirates at Monroe (08/30/12)

A Ghostly Sub 16: 14) Thursday 08/23/12
80 mi w/Ron
Rode from El Encanto Park in Duarte to the Beach and back.
El Encanto down the SGRT to Arrow Hwy,
across Arrow Hwy to The Rio Hondo Bicycle trail.
Down the Rio Hondo to Long Beach, PCH to Seal beach.
Ate lunch at Rubios in Seal Beach, then back up the SGRT to El Encanto.
Good ride, Fast spin, 19.0 mph average. 4 hrs.

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Queen Mary - Long Beach
Click Image for album

A Ghostly Sub 16: 11) Saturday 08/18/12
56 mi w/Jess and Newhall Bicycle Co (24 riders)
Rode from Newhall Bike to Acton and returned.
Took the South fork Bicycle trail to Soledad Cyn Rd.
Soledad Cyn Rd to Acton.
Stopped at the Acton Market for refreshments.
Reversed route and returned to Newhall.
Warm day, fast pace, good ride, good friends.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 5) Wednesday 08/08/12
25 mi MWF w/Jess, Ron, Edge, Mike, and Alan
A warm but beautiful evening in Paradise.
It was up to 97 degrees here @ 3:40p.
But the ride was in the low 80's to high 70's.
I just can't reiterate how nice Paradise is on these evening rides.
Lots of pirates,  lots of fun.

YaHooie! Life is good!
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GRRR Group at Maint Shack
Click image for Album

(Anon): 16) Saturday 08/25/12
36 mi W/Jess and Newhall Bicycle Co (20 some riders)
A good fast paced, long climb up the Old Rd and Ridge route
(The original Grape Vine) to the Templin Hwy.
This is approx 20 mi out and 4000' of climbing, before turnaround.
Rested a bit then rode back to the shop for a Roger, aka Newhall Bicycle Co party and BBQ. Happy Birthday Roger!
Cool morning, good friends, good ride, great fast paceline riding.

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Yep! this is fun!

A Ghostly Sub 16: 12) Monday 08/20/12
25 mi w/Ron and RayClone, Huh!
A slow spin through Paradise.
Beautiful evening, cool, no traffic except an 8 legged cruiser..

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08/20/12 collage (08/21/12)

A Ghostly Sub 16: 8) Monday 08/13/12
25 mi MWF w/Edge and Ron
One of those average evenings in Paradise....
Unless you have been here for one of these evening rides...
You have no idea how nice it is to start out at 80 some degrees..
And finish at 70 some degrees on a 25 mi 2500' elevation gain ride.
What can I say... Paradise... Great stuff!.. Where are ya MIA? Mars?
I love the mountains.

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Maint. Shack turnaround
Humm! bikes are facing the wrong way..

A Ghostly Sub 16: 9) Wednesday 08/15/12
25 mi w/Edge/Ron/Alan/Gary/Mike/and Blake
Watch out, 7 GRRR Pirates on the road.
 Finally a cool evening in Paradise.
Started at 80 degrees and went down to low 70's at end.
Great climbing weather, medium spin.

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La Bicicletta Che Vince
La Bicicletta Che Vince

A Ghostly Sub 16: 6) Friday 08/10/12
25 mi MWF w/Edge
A very nice evening simmering in Paradise.
A quiet ride.. no cars.
Easy spin, it wasn't really too hot, there was a nice breeze out on the road.
I had been hoping for a thunder shower, but most of the clouds dissipated.
There were enough clouds though, for a great sunset.

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Ride Collage
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 13) Wednesday 08/22/12
25 mi w/Edge, Ron, Gary, Alan, and Mike.
A very nice evening in Paradise.
Cool, looking like there would be a thunderstorm.
Nothing materialized, medium spin.

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Wednesday MWF Collage (08/23/12)

A Ghostly Sub 16: 19) Friday 08/31/12
25 mi MWF w/Edge, and Ron
A beautiful quiet evening in Paradise.
Saw 5 deer on the road.
The Glendora Ridge Road, and Glendora Mountain Road are closed to traffic
for the Labor day Weekend.
The lenticular clouds over the mountains were of notice.
A great hiding place for pirate UFO's...
Tonight is the last Blue Moon till 2015.
Watch out for aliens....

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UFO hiding place over Mt Baldy
This could be a UFO hiding place.

A Ghostly Sub 16: 15) Friday 08/24/12
25 mi w/Jess, Edge, and David
A blast from the past... David used to ride GRR with me 25 years ago.
A cool pristine evening in Paradise.
Saw 4 cyclists from the GMR side.
Saw 2 deer, a tarantula, and a fox.

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group at maint shed turnaround
Group at maintenence shed turnaround

A Ghostly Sub 16: 10) Friday 08/17/12
25 mi MWF w/Jess and Edge
There was a thunder shower an hour before the ride.
The road was almost dry and it had cooled off very nicely.
Good climbing weather, splendor in Paradise.
Great sunset.

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08/17/12 college
Splendor in Paradise

A Ghostly Sub 16: 17) Monday 08/27/12
25 mi w/Ron, Gary, and Jess
I was late and  didn't get out till 6:00 this evening.
Ron and Gary had already left @ 5:30 on the MWF ride.
I caught them on their way back, and finished the ride with them.
Saw Jess going out late, turned around and got 5 more miles on GRR.
Got my 25 mi fix in Paradise this evening.

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Collage (08/28/12)

A Ghostly Sub 16: 3) Saturday 08/04/12
100 mi to the 'Beach and back' w/Ron
Rode from Encanto park in Duarte  to Newport Beach via San Gabriel River Trail and PCH.
Ate Chronic Tacos in Newport.
Then rode back to Huntington Beach and visited w/Mr Beanz and crew at their beach hangout.
The US Open of Surfing is going on in HB... lots of people.
Rode back to Encanto.
Great day, Fun ride, Favorable wind.

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Ride Collage
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