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 1st  -  25 mi MWF
 3rd -   25 mi MWF
10th -  25 mi MWF
12th -  25 mi MWF
17th -  25 mi MWF
19th -  25 mi MWF
22nd-  70 mi Encanto~Dawson Saddle~ return
24th -  20 mi MWF
26th -  25 mi MWF
27th -  38 mi MBV~East Fork~ Camp Williams~return
29th -  25 mi MWF
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YTD  1830


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A Ghostly Sub 16: 11) Monday 04/29/13
25 mi w/Edge
Perfect temp, great climbing.
Quiet, no cars

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 6) Friday 04/19/13
25 mi MWF
Beautiful day in Paradise, a lot warmer than Wednesday.
Started at 70 finished about 60.
Slow spin by myself, no cars, very quiet.

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Mt Baldy
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 10) Saturday 04/27/13
38 mi and 4000 ft of climbing w/Jess, Ron, Edge
Rode from Baldy Village to East Fork, then Camp Williams and return.
Lots of riders and friends on GRR, busy bike day.
Took a side trip to the Heaton Flat parking area, and had lunch at Camp Williams.
Great day, warm, 95 degrees.
Good friends, Good climb.

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GRRR! Climb out of East Fork
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 2) Wednesday 04/03/13
25 mi w/Edge
A beautiful clear warm day in Paradise.
65 degrees today... 20 degrees warmer than Monday.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 7) Monday 04/22/13
70 mi w/Sean, Mark, James, Adam, Ron, and B
Rode from Encanto Park in Daurte, up the 39 past Crystal Lake to Hwy 2
and the Highpoint Dawson Saddle.
This was 70 miles and 8100' of climbing.
35 miles of UP! Then 35 down.
A beautiful day, good friends, fun ride.
Don't be scared!

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Encanto~Dawson Saddle
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 5) Wednesday 04/17/13
25 mi w/John, and Edge
A beautiful clear, sunny, cold evening in Paradise.
It started out at 50 degrees and finished at 45... Burrrrr!
But great for climbing!

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 4) Friday 04/12/13
25 mi w/Jess, B. - Edge was out there but didn't ride with us.
Edge rode out early at 5:00p, he was on his way back when we passed as ships in the night.
I didn't go out till 5:40p, Jess was just getting back from Turlock, she needed her Baldy fix.
Anyway it was a beautiful evening in Paradise...
Except for the car that was on the wrong side of the road when I was going down the Reward climb.
Holy Moly,  I was looking right at his grill, started skidding, the bike was getting sideways,
so I got off the brakes and and went off into the dirt and stopped before going off the side.
Yow lucky!  I kept it upright, and only got a flat front tire, but still thanking my luckly stars...
Continued the ride and met B at the Maint shack, and the 3 of us rode back to MBV.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 3) Wednesday 04/10/13
25 mi w/John, Mike, Edge
A stellar evening in Paradise.
"There be Pirates out here!"
Cool and clear, great climbing weather.

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Pirates in Paradise
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 1) Monday 04/01/13
25 mi MWF
No Pirates today! GRRR!
45 degrees and a low ceiling when I left, 46 and lower ceiling when I got back, Brrrr.
Medium spin, great climbing weather.

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Maint shack turnaround

Peacock saddle low ceiling GRRR!

A Ghostly Sub 16: 9) Friday 04/26/13
25 mi MWF No Pirates today.
A beautiful quiet evening in Paradise.
Medium spin, great temperture, clear, no wind... Perfect!
Don't miss these great evening rides.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 8) Wednesday 04/24/13
20 mi w/Edge
Wet Wednesday, cold too.
It started off at 52 degrees when we left the Village.
It just got foggier, colder, and was drizzling as we got further out.
At 10 mi we had enough and turned around a couple short of the normal turnaround.
It was 45 degrees when we got back to MBV, Burrrr!

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