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 2nd -  25 mi MWF
 4th -  25 mi  MWF
 5th -  36 mi  GRR~GMR~San Antonio Heights
 7th -  25 mi  MWF
11th - 41 mi  MBV~Baseline/Foothill/Sierra Madre~GMR~GRR~MBV loop
16th - 25 mi  MWF
19th - 80 mi  Encanto park~Long Beach~ Encanto
21st - 25 mi MWF
23rd - 25 mi MWF
30th - 20 mi MWF

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 6) Wednesday 10/16/13
25 mi
A slow spin through Paradise.
It has been getting cooler in the evenings.
The days are shorter and the fall colors are out.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 2) Friday 10/04/13
25 mi

Wow! A crystal clear evening with Wizard of Oz winds.
It was blowing pretty hard out here today.
And was blowing mostly down the canyon, but as you twist down through the turns, it would change direction abruptly with lots of buffeting, made for kind of a scary ride.
Then after turning around to go back up, it was definitely a strong headwind.
Lots of work... Yow!
But never the less.. A great evening in Paradise.

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A Ghostly Sub 19: 3) Saturday 10/05/13
36 mi w/Ron & Dixie
Rode from the MBV out GRR and down GMR to Foothill/Baseline, then to San Antonio Heights
 to Ron & Dixie's house.
A windy but crystal clear day.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 8) Monday 10/21/13
25 mi MWF
Slow spin on a quiet, cool evening in Paradise.
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 4) Monday 10/07/13
25 mi
A great evening in Paradise.
Mid 60's, good climbing weather.
Saw Ron at the Monroe saddle turnaround.
He had ridden up the GMR side.
And then saw a couple of deer on the way back to the Village.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 9) Wednesday 10/23/13
25 mi w/Garry and Ron
Ahoy there matey, There be pirates out here today.
A great afternoon in Paradise.
Only a little more than a week of these great evening rides left this year.
DST time ends Nov 3rd....
You snooze, you loose.

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10/23/13 MWF
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 7) Saturday 10/19/13
80 mi w/Ron
Rode from Encanto park in Duarte to Long Beach and back.
Ate lunch in Belmont shore, yum.
Great day, Great ride, perfect tail wind home.

Directions: for this great 80 mi loop:
From Encanto go down the San Gabriel River Trail 5.4 mi, to Santa Fe dam,
exit Arrow Hwy west a few blocks where it turns into Live oak.
Go west on Live Oak 3.3 mi to the Rio Hondo Bike Trail.
Take the RHBT 17.3 mi where it turns into the LA River Trail.
12 miles down the LART to Long Beach harbor.
Ocean ave and 2nd st. 7.5 mi east to the SGRT.
Go north on SGRT 33.6 mi back to Encanto park.
There are great places to eat on the 2nd ave Belmont shore stretch.

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Light House Long Beach Harbor


RayClone: 10) Friday's MWF will be earlier, some time between 12:00 and 3:00 and will be an easy spin.
The reason for this is on Sunday I am riding the Newhall 150, and I need my rest.
Information for Newhall 150:
On Sunday Oct 27th The Newhall Bicycle Club is riding the Newhall 150.
The ride starts in Newhall at 7:00a  <-- new start time
The route and tentative plan is: Newhall~Newhall Pass~Sun Valley~Burbank~Griffith Park~
LA River Trail to Long Beach Harbor~Belmont Shore.
There will be a quick stop somewhere in Long Beach.
Then back up the San Gabriel River Trail~Rio Hondo River Trail~through El Monte~
We will lunch at the 120 mi point in Pasadena, at Lucky Baldwins. <-- change of lunch spot.
Then continue ~La Canada~La Crescenta~Montrose~Sunland~Foothill Blvd to Newhall Pass
and back to the Newhall start.
This is a fun 150 mi ride.
I have room in car for 2 riders.
Let me know if you are interested in this ride,or need more information.


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A Ghostly Sub 16: 5) Friday 10/11/13
41 mi MBV~Baseline/Foothill/Sierra Madre~GMR~GRR~MBV loop
Dropped down the Mt Baldy Rd to west on Baseline/Foothill/Sierra Madre
Then up GMR to GRR and Back to the Mt Baldy Village.
Medium spin, cool temperature, Great day.
Good climbing, little traffic.
The bow hunters were out looking for Bambi.
The raptor I saw and took a picture of on GRR is a Brown or Golden Eagle.
It easily had a wingspan of  6 feet or more.... don't get carried away... 

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 1) Wednesday 10/2/13
25 mi MWF
Another great evening in Paradise...
There is only about a month left before DST ends,
So don't miss these great evening rides of perfect weather and ideal temperature.
I have moved the starting time to 4:30.
This assures that we are back before dark.


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A Ghostly Sub 16: 11) Wednesday 10/30/13
20 mi w/Jess and B
Just an absolute beautiful 45 degree evening in Paradise.
No Cars, good friends, cool evening.

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