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 1st  -  55 mi w/NBC Newhall~Simi~Newhall  'Big Sky Loop'
  3rd -  25 mi MWF
  5th - 25  mi MWF
  7th - 25  mi MWF
  9th - 86  mi Newhall~Long Beach 150
  Sept 216

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Matt: Sorry to hear about your crash Ray! Get better soon. GRR won't be the same without you! Matt (09/14/12)

(Anon): 8) Wednesday 09/19/12
MWF ride Ron, Garry, Alan, and B
Alan, Garry, and Ron came by the house before the ride.
I took a few pictures of them leaving for the MWF.
On their way back they saw B riding on the Burma climb.
Alan took the group picture at the turnaround and the pics of B on the way back.
Looks like B had a flat.
Damn I wanna be out there.

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09/19/12 collage
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(Anon): 9) Monday 09/24/12
Met Edge and Jessie at the starting point.
A Beautiful Evening in Paradise.
Drove Sag

Better come up before these beautiful evening ride are done for this year.
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09/24/12 MWF
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RayClone: 2) Sunday 09/02/12
The forest was burning above Camp Williams.
Took these pictures from Baldy at the Cow Canyon Saddle.
Williams fire 09/02/12
Williams fire 09/02/12

A Ghostly Sub 16: 4) Wednesday 09/05/12
25 mi w/Jess, Edge, Mike, and Ron
One of those super evenings in Paradise.
It started off with Edge giving us a class in tire changing.
He got his bike out and the tire exploded.
I went home and got him a new tire and tube.
He put it on and put the C02 to it... The bead wasn't completely seated.
Another explosion.... changed the tube once more.
It's a go this time... Yipee!
It had rained earlier, around 2:00p, the air was cool and clear.
Great riding, climbing weather.
The scorched earth by Williams didn't look nearly as bad as Monday.
Saw no fire flareups, and little smoke.
The road will be officially open soon.
Fast spin, 1:37 ride time.

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Ride Collage
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 3) Monday 09/03/12 Labor Day
25 mi MWF w/mice elf
Took a slow spin out GRR.
The road was clear, the north breeze was keeping it clear of smoke.
Baldy is clear of smoke.
Saw 1 Tarantula cruising the road.
The Williams fire is still burning.
The earth is scorched above Camp Williams... Yow!

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Williams fire
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 1) Saturday 09/01/12
55 mi w/Newhall Bicycle Co (16 riders)
Rode the 'Big Sky Loop' Newhall to Simi and back.
Went out over the Newhall Pass, then Balboa, Chatsworth, Rinaldi to Santa Susana Pass.
Over the Pass to Simi, looped through Simi and returned the way we came back to Newhall.
A fast paced ride, grab a wheel and hold on.

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The Route

Santa Susana Pass

RayClone: 6) Tomorrow, Sunday 09/09/12
Newhall Bicycle Co will be riding from Newhall to Long Beach/Seal Beach and return.
We will eat lunch in Seal Beach somewhere along 2nd Ave.
This is a 150 mile ride.
We will be leaving the shop at 7:00a.
There will be good paceline riding.
Some will only be riding one way and taking other transportation home for a 75 mile ride.
There are a lot of places along the route where you could hook the ride for less miles.
Some of these are the LA bike trail, the San Gabriel bike trail, and Rio Hondo bike trail.
I will be leaving Mt Baldy for Newhall @ 5:45a, I still have car room if you are interested.
Eat, hydrate, and be merry! Join the fun!

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 7) Sunday 09/09/12
The Newhall~Long Beach 150 mile
86 mi w/Newhall Bicycle Co (18 riders)
An unfortunate wheel cross @ 60 mi sent me to asphalt 106, an unneeded elective class....
Got back on the bike, rolled until 86 mi where I decided that I had had enough. 
Redeemed my car ride home ticket.
The rest of the group continued back to Newhall.
Thank you all, it was a great fun ride, wish I had finished.
The lunch at Dogz in Belmont shore was enjoyable.
The camaraderie, support and friendship was the best.
Anyway... The picture album before I stopped...
I'm taking a 4~6 week vacation... a little R&R

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 5) Friday 09/07/12
25 mi w/ Jess, and Edge.
A Great cruise through Paradise.
Saw a couple of deer and a tarantula.
A cool evening, good climbing weather.
Saw no traces of the recent fire.

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Hector Juarez: Hi Ray hope you get well soon! (09/11/12)

RayClone: 10) Wednesday 09/26/12
MWF Ron, Alan, and Edge
Another Beautiful evening in Paradise.
I drove sag.
It is on the edge of darkness at the end of the ride.
Might need lights by the time I get back on the road...
It's been 2 weeks and 4 days. I've started turning small amounts on the trainer.

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