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 1st  -
 2nd - 64 mi Clmnt~Devore~San Bernardino~Clmnt
 6th -  71 mi San Antonio Heights~Whittier Narrows~return
 9th -  85 mi Clmnt~Lucky Baldwins, Pasadena~Crescenta~return
13th-  52 mi Clmnt~Santa Fe dam~return to Sanantonio Heights~then Clmnt.
16th-  62 mi Big A~Green River~Huntington beach~Newport beach~return. All on SART
18th-  37 mi MBV~Camp Williams~return
21st-  64 mi San Antonio Heights~Puddingstone~Covina~Baldwin Park~SGRT~Return
23rd- 51 mi San Antonio Heights~Lytle Creek~Return
27th- 71 mi San Antonio Heights~Whittier Narrows~return

Feb   557
Jan    338
YTD 895

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 4) Wednesday 02/13/13
52 mi w/B, Garry, and Ron
Rode from B's in Claremont to the Santa Fe dam.
Returned to Ron's in San Antonio Heights, and then back to Claremont.
Great ride, beautiful day.

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Baseline, Claremont

Santa  Fe dam, Baldy in background

A Ghostly Sub 16: 5) Saturday 02/16/13
62 mi w/Ron & Dixie They were on their tandem, A great drafting machine.
Rode the SART from The Big A up to Green River.
Reversed route and the rode the trail to Huntington Beach.
Saw Mr Beanz and crew at the Huntington stop.
Then rode to Newport beach, Superior & PCH, for some Chronic Tacos, yum.
Returned to our starting point, the Big A on SART.
Absolute beautiful, clear day, favorable winds.

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Rayclone, Dixie, Ron at Huntington beach

Rayclone, Michael, Ron, Beanz

A Ghostly Sub 16: 7) Thursday 02/21/13
64 mi W/ B,  Jess, and Ron
Rode from San Antonio Heights, down to, and around Puddingstone lake twice,
then across Covina, Baldwin Park to the San Gabriel River trail.
Up the SGRT to SR39 and back Sierra Madre, Foothill, Baseline to our starting point.
Beautiful day, Great ride, Good friends.

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RayClone,  B,  Ron


A Ghostly Sub 16: 6) Monday 02/18/13 Presidents Day
37 mi w/Jess
Rode Glendora Ridge Road from Mt Baldy Village to Camp Williams and return.
4000 ft. of climbing in Paradise.
The weather was a perfect, clear 56 degrees.
Ya can't ask for a better climb through Paradise.

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YaHooie Victory!
Click image for Album

A Ghostly Sub 16: 8) Saturday 01/23/13
51 mi w/Ron
Rode from Rons in San Antonio Heights to Lytle Creek and return.
At the Junction of Sierra & Glen Helen Parkway,
there was the the Rosena Ranch Roadbike Circuit race.
Stopped for a few minutes and watched the racers ride by.
The ride up to Lytle Creek we had a tail wind, easy pedaling.
The ride back downhill against a headwind, not so easy.
Nice day, good ride.

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Lytle Creek Collage
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 9) Wednesday 02/27/13
71 mi w/Ron
Rode from San Antonio Heights Baseline/Foothill/Sierra Madre to the SGRT.
Exited at Santa Fe dam cut over to the Rio Hondo River Trail
Took it down to Whittier Narrows, the back up the SGRT to Sierra Madre.
Ate lunch at Pepe's Tacos - YUM!
Then returned to San Antonio Heights.
Beautiful day, good ride.

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Ron, and RayClone @ Santa Fe dam

A Ghostly Sub 16: 1) Saturday 02/02/13
64 mi W/Jess and B - Saturday Flat Out....
Rode from Claremont to Devore to San Benardino and return.
Our intent was to ride to Lytle Creek.
But, where Duncan Cyn meets Lytle Creek road, was construction, no pavment, fences, and ditches.
So after a detour we were climbing Summit Ave toward LC.
There was a great headwind coming down LC canyon, so we took the Devore turnoff.
Rode to Devore, then down to San Bernardino, then back to Claremont.
I'm calling this Saturday Flat Out because I had 1 flat and B had 2, and Jessica just rode flat out hard.
Beautiful day, great ride


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paceline on Baseline
Paceline on Baseline - Click image for album

A Ghostly Sub 16: 2) Wednesday 02/06/13
71 mi w/Ron and Garry
Rode from San Antonio Heights to Whittier Narrows and return.
Took the usual route to Santa Fe dam - Baseline/Foothill/Sierra Madre, SGRT
At Santa Fe dam exited to Arrow Hwy, and to the Rio Hondo Bike Trail
Exited at Whittier Narrows and crossed over to the San Gabriel River Trail and returned.
An interesting attraction on the SGRT, just north of Whittier Narrows was:

Yes, take a relaxing float down the drainage ditch on a styrofoam cooler,
or pretend you're achieving a Gold Medal on our one of a kind tree diving platform.
Swing like Tarzan (or Cheeta) from our newly developed fire hose fun rope.
Fish for fresh bottom suckers and old boots right from the man made cement bank graffiti area.
Hear the call of the spur fighting roosters and drunken gamblers at the adjacent bird sanctuary.

Check out the waterpark pictures in the album
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The Whittier Narrows ride
Click image for Album

A Ghostly Sub 16: 3) Saturday 02/09/13
85 mi w/B and Newhall Bike
Rode the lower south route from Claremont to the Pasadena, Lucky Baldwins Pub.
Met the Newhall Bicycle group there, Roger, Jay, Ceasar, Alex, and Steve.
Ate a combination breakfast/Lunch at the Pub.
Then rode toward Newhall about 15 miles with NBC to Cresenta Highlands.
B and I turned around here, and rode the north route back to Claremont.
It was good seeing and riding with the Newhall guys.
Lots of snow and ice at the house before I left for the ride.

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NBC at Lucky Baldwins
Lucky Baldwins.  Click image for album