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 1st  -
 2nd -  25 mi MWF
 4th -  45 mi MTB~Hwy 39~MTB
 7th -  45 mi w/NBC 8th Anniversary Santa Clarita-Camp 9
 9th -  25 mi MWF
14th - 64 mi w/NBC & GRRR on THE DEATH RIDE
16th - 25 mi MWF
18th - 25 mi MWF
21st - 50 mi w/NBC
8th Anniversary #2 May Cyn -Camp 9
23rd - 61 mi Morning ride to Azuse cyn and back / afternoon MWF Ride
25th - 25 mi MWF
27th - 25 mi MWF
28th - 65 mi w/NBC Newhall~Griffith Park
30th - 25 mi MWF
July   505
Jun    431
May  515
Apr   480
Mar   601
Feb   632
Jan   565
YTD 3729

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 13) Friday 07/27/12
25 mi MWF w/Edge
Cool, clear evening in Paradise
Slow spin

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MWF collage
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A Ghostly Sub 19: 5) Monday 07/09/12
25 mi MWF w/George, John, Ron, Edge, and Blake.
A warm evening in Paradise.
90 at start, about 75 at end.
Ron saw a large Gopher snake on the climb up Reward.
George it has been good riding with you.
He is on his way to Texas.

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Group at Turnaround
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RayClone: 2) Come join us for a 4th of July morning ride on GRR/GMR.
The roads are closed to auto traffic ~ Good riding..
We will be riding Baldy Village ~ Camp Williams ~ Baldy Village.
This is appx 3000' climbing and a 34 mi rt.
We will be leaving from the intersection of GRR and the Mt Baldy Rd. @ 8:00a
Hope to see you!

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RayClone: 6) Yo Pirates!! LXIV
The Death Ride is this Saturday the 14th of July.
This is a annual event to celebrate my birthday.
This is a 75 mi ride with 7200' of climbing.
If that isn't enough misery, it will be hot, ya know.. it is July..
Anyway we will start the ride at 8:00a from the intersection of:
Mt Baldy Road & Glendora Ridge Road.
Check out the ride statistics at
Come ride with us!
"Will ya still feed me,
Will ya still need me
When I'm Sixty Four"

Be there or be square... If ya aren't roasted on the ride, we are having a BBQ after.

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A Ghostly Sub 19: 3) Wednesday 07/04/12 July the 4th
45 mi w/Edge, George, Natalie
Again one of the most perfect days in Paradise....
Lots and lots of riders on the closed to auto traffic roads.
Wow! make my day!
Went from the Mt Baldy Village to Hwy 39 - the bridge that crosses the
East fork of the San Gabriel River, and returned to the Village.
This ride has 4000' plus of climbing.
Good ride, good friends.

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July the 4th 2012
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 15) Monday 07/30/12
25 mi MWF w/Natalie, Ron, and Blake.
There were critters in Paradise tonight...
Snakes, spiders, bats, and bike riders.
Saw a very large Pacific rattler, a little over 4'.
3 Tarantulas, and a few bats chasing bugs.
The ride temperature was very pleasant this evening in the 70's.
Medium spin, good friends, good ride.

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07/30/12 MWF ride collage
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A Ghostly Sub 19: 4) Saturday 07/07/12
45 mi w/Newhall Bicycle Co (20 riders)
8th Anniversary Newhall Bicycle Company ride.
Did a round of Santa Clarita Bicycle trails.
Then up Boquet, Vasquez, Sand, Little T, to LACO Fire Camp 9.
Returned via Placerita Cyn.
8th Anniversary party at shop after ride.
Good ride, Good climb, Good friends, Good times.

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7-7-12 NBC 8th anniversary ride
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Ron: Ray, Congrats and thanks for a great ride! Love to ride those mountains, especially at what was it about 150 degrees?? I especially thank your wife and daughter for their great hospitality! I was famished and the burgers hit the spot. Thanks to all riders for making it fun, challenging and safe. See ya MWF and whenever we can ride. (07/17/12)

A Ghostly Sub 16: 12) Wednesday 07/25/12
25 mi MWF w/Natalie, Edge, Mike H, John H, Alan, and Jim.
 Another great day in Paradise.
Cool, medium spin, fun ride.

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07/25/12 MWF collage
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Nick Jorgensen: Hey ray that was such a fun ride yesterday. Thank you and your wife for your amazing hospitality and allowing us to spend the afternoon with you guys. Can't wait to see the pics and for the ride next year. (07/16/12)

A ghostly Sub 16: 11) Monday 07/23/12
2 rides today - 61 mi - 36 mi w/Ron and 25 mi MWF w/Ron, Edge, and Blake.
Rode in the morning from San Antonio Heights to Pepe's @ Sr39 & Sierra Madre.
Yum! Tacos, Had a great lunch.
Then rode back to Upland.
Had a flat about a mile from the end...
Rested then rode the MWF @ 5:30.
Paradise was a pleasure this evening.
Always better than any down the hill ride...
I only got one group shot at the maintenance shed turnaround.
Ron took the rest of  the pictures.

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07/23/12 collage (07/24/12)

A Ghostly Sub 16: 10) Saturday 07/21/12
50 mi and 5300' w/Newhall Bicycle Co (18 riders)
Rode out Placerita Cyn to Sand Cyn to Little T and down to Foothill Blvd.
Then up Astoria to May Cyn truck trail, up to LACO Fire Camp 9.
The May Cyn climb is 2000'+ in 5 miles... this averages about 8%, but has 11% sections.
Newhall Bicycle Co = NBC = Nothing But Climbing... Yow!
Returned to the shop down Placerita Cyn.
Celebrated NBC 8th Anniversary #2
A good time was had by all.
The New Bike, Torelli Selvino, is dialed in... Sweet machine!
La Bicicletta che vince / The bicycle WINS

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Ride Your Bike!
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A Ghostly Sub 16: 7) Saturday 07/14/12
The Death Ride 2012
75 mi w/Newhall & GRRR (24 riders)
Note: This is a 8600' climb not 7200' as previously documented.
Great weather, Great friends, Great ride!!!
A Great celebration.
A new 15.9 lb bike. (Now A Ghostly Sub 16!)
Wow! Life is Good.
 Thank you Everyone for Making this a great Birthday!

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Group at the Fork
The Group at GRR/GMR fork
The Route
The Route
New Bike
New Bike

A Ghostly Sub 16: 8) Monday 07/16/12
25 mi MWF
Another beautiful evening in Paradise.
Met Jimmy from Palmdale at the Maintenence Shed.

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A Ghostly Sub 16: 9) Wednesday 07/18/12
25 mi w/Alan, Edge, and Blake
Cool evening in Paradise.
Very little traffic.
New bike is working out fantastic.

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Alan, Blake,Edge, RayClone

Majestic Mt Baldy

Roger Hasper: Ray, big up yourself you done LARGE!!! Thank you for being an example to all us younger riders. Thanks to you and your wife for your hospitality, and opening us your beautiful home! (07/16/12)

A Ghostly Sub 16: 14) Saturday 07/28/12
65 mi w/Newhall Bicycle Co (15 riders)
Rode from the Newhall to Griffith park, Doger Stadium and returned.
Fast spin, flat, good pacelines.
Great day, good friends.

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NBC~Griffith park
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A Ghostly Sub 19: 1) Monday 07/02/12
25 mi MWF w/Edge, Gary, George, and Blake.
Another perfect evening in Paradise.
There was a nice Lamborghini Aventador parked at the Maintenance shed.
The Aventador has a $387000 dollar price tag...
Got our group picture with it.

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Gary, George, Lamborghini Aventador, Rayclone, Blake, Edge (07/03/12)